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Trying to be optimistic, but leaning toward pessimism

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Hi all

Had a nice interview with a NM that was more of a conversation than an interview. I really enjoy that, btw..

This is at a smaller hospital M/S unit and I have not been in the hospital for about 2 years, so I am really stoked someone called and got an interview right away. I sell myself, he really likes me and asks me if X orientation date works for me.. okay I am getting happy but very realistic b/c things can change.

He calls me 2 days later offers the job, congrats see you on x date. AND says HR will contact you to discuss salary and particulars.

HR calls and grills me.. and grills me and why this and why that.. (why leave job, why u become nurse, why do you want to work here) I answer with poise and politeness albeit a bit of curiosity and NOW doubt. I always think of this type of interview as preliminary before a NM and I had already been offered the position

After 10 minutes, I ask "is there some concern with my nursing background" No, just asking and so forth.

Rep says that she will be contacting me again same day later, to which I ask is this "still" an offer" or have things changes.. Rep is iffy, evasive, but says she will get back to me later

I'm definitely feeling weird, so I call manager, he says nothing has changed and HR does that kind of interview.

HR calls me about 3 hours later and leaves a msg that sorry for calling so late, but they could not reach my manager and will call me tomorrow.

Im feeling kinda not so good about this and wondering what others think


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