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I am trying to locate Mary Kelly and Louise (I can't remember her last name). They lived in St. Paul, MN in 1968 and 1969. Mary worked at the University of Minnesota Heart Hospital, and Louise taught at the Nursing School. I was their college-freshman next door neighbor, and they gave me some good advice. I'd like to tell them how their advice affected my life. Tricia

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I work with a Mary Kelly. I bet there are hundreds of Mary Kelly's! The Mary that I work with is very tall, about 5'10",very thin, short blonde hair, and is approx 50 y/o. Sounds like your Mary Kelly? I don"t know any Louises. Sorry...


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Thank you for replying. This is definitely not the same Mary Kelly. The Mary Kelly I am looking for was about 5'4", had dark hair, and would be about 60 now. I think she went to nursing school in Boston. Tricia

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