Trying to get monitors on my Floor

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I work on a 15 bed stepdown unit that used to be an 8 bed unit. On the 8 bed unit each room had a dedicated monitor for continuous monitoring so they didn’t use dynamaps. Since moving to the 15 bed unit, none of the 8 monitors were ever moved. Vitals have to be taken manually and inputted each time. It is very time consuming to take blood pressures when someone is on a drip. This issue has been brought up multiple times to our manager and director but the issue has been brushed off. What can I do to try to move this idea further? For reference our patients do wear tele packs so we can monitor HR and O2 but we don’t have an actual physical monitor to look at when we come into the room. A recent EBP done at Hopkins actually mentioned that individual patient monitoring was less of an infection risk since dynamaps are forgotten to be cleaned from patient to patient.

please give advice on what can be done to proceed. I was thinking of cost analysis etc to actually demonstrate numbers and benefit for patients in the long term. Thanks 


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My only thought would be to document the time it takes you to do this and show it to management, but also think about moving on to a better hospital.




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Agree with Nursetom1963, it's going to be a tedious process like how you manually monitor your patient's vitals.