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I am starting NS later this month and trying to get a little jump on things so I don't feel so overwhelmed. I have been going through a couple of online tutorials teaching myself the formulas for dosage calculations. I have been getting the hang of them, but this one has me stumped. I have figured out the safe range, (converted lbs. to kg and multiplied that by 25mg and repeated it for the upper end of the sage dose of 35mg, but for the life of me I cannot figure out the ordered dose in mg. I am getting stuck on the 1/2 tsp (which would be 2.5 mL, right??), but its just not working for me. (PS this is not an assignment, just trying to learn)

Thanks to all

Order: Tylenol suspension 1/2 tsp po q4h prn for fever for a child weighing 32 lb.

The medication is supplied as 325 mg per 10 mL

The recommended dose is 25 - 35 mg/kg/day q4h prn

Is the ordered dose in the safe range?


Patient weight 14.5 kg

Each dose ordered 81.25 mg

Daily possible dose 487.5 mg/day

Safe range 363.6 mg/d - 507.5 mg/d

Yes, the dose ordered is within the safe range



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I hope this helps, sometimes these stumped me too when I was first learning.

If you set up the problem as 325mg of tylenol per 10ml and then multiply it by the converted 1/2 tsp.(2.5ml) it should look something like this:

325mg/10ml x 2.5ml = 81.25mg. When you cross multiply the equation the ml's cancel each other giving you

325mg x 2.5 = 812.5 = 81.25mg

10 10

I probably just confused you but every once in awhile Daytonite comes on and she can explain it sooooo much better.


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THANK YOU you didn't confuse me, I totally get it now, I think that I have been so fixated on one part that I needed to read the problem again and really think about what info I have and how to solve,

THanks again

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