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Trying not to get discouraged.....

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Yesterday nursing staff members held a question forum at our school for pre-req nursing students. I understand that we need to get A's in the 4 science classes BUT they told us that they take a person who has A's in all science. A lot of people were upset because they might have gotten B's in science but they have a higher GPA. Anyway, basically it's like this....

If you have a 3.5 and score high on the TEAS but had B's in all science and someone else has a 3.2, didn't score as high as you on the TEAS but got A's in all science, they will take the student with all A's in science. A lot of students were upset because the school gives you a .4 bump in GPA if you attend their school. If GPA doesn't matter then why not take the science classes at community college?

Anyway, I'm trying not to get discouraged since I have a B in Anatomy. Not sure if I can get an A since semester is almost over. A lot of us thought they would look at other things like GPA, TEAS score and medical work/volunteer activities outside of school.....I know it's very competitive but geez!!!! :) This is all I want to do...

Thanks for listening!!!

Well, why not take the science classes at community anyway? It would be a lot cheaper for you. Our school only looks at GPA, but I can see why they give extra credit for science classes because those classes are a lot harder than Psych and Comp for example.