Trying to choose between CMA and RN program at Waubonsee College in Illinois

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I have finally decided to make the career change into the health industry. I know I want to ultimately get my RN but I am looking for advice on if starting out by getting my CMA is the best decision. I am looking at going to Waubonsee College in Illinois. I see they are different training and since they do not overlap in courses I need to make a choice on the best way to start things out.

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If you want to become a nurse, go for your nursing degree. CMA/CNA is good experience, but it isn't essential to becoming a nurse.


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If you are trying to become an RN the fastes approach would be getting you ASN. Thenyou can bridge into your BSN and MSN later on if you still wish to. CMA is a lot of monry and you spend about a year focusing on courses that wont help you become an RN. Best wishes!

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