Trying to become a Nurse-help!


I need some assistance from a nurse!

Im 24-and just realized what I want to do in life. After watching my dad suffer with Cancer-I knew I had to help people. All my fathers nurses meant so much to him and they helped him in ways I cant even explain. He relied on them-and thats what I want. I want a career thats rewarding. I know its not always a great feeling-and I cant handle that. Anyways, I enrolled in the Practical Nursing program starting in the fall of 2002. Im in the Purchasing and Sales field now, and I hate it. I want out. I want to get into the Medical field so badly. Whether its a receptionist, admin. assistant or whatever-I want to get my foot in the door. I do have a small medical backround-Chiropractic Assistant and i worked in Health Insurance. I want to take some courses now that will help me in my nursing career (prior to actually getting my nursing career). I need some direction and assistance. please help-any suggestions on how to get where I need to be?

PS-I think you nurses are wonderful people! Thanks for always taking care of us and our families!


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I think you've started in the right direction! Getting your feet wet into nursing is helpful ---to see if that is what you truly want to do. I've seen students who finally do clinicals and see nursing isn't for them. I suggest to call around to different colleges and get information on their programs and take some tours. You've been exposed to how the healthcare system works with your father's illness, so you have an idea. However, nursing is more than just hospital based and worth looking into. This forum should give you a few ideas.


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Hey Devin!

You made a good choice! I just graduated in Feb 02 from the LPN program and will be starting my first job on Tuesday July9 :chair: . Some of the courses I need were ChemI (INTRO) A&PI, BIO.. You can look up the school your interested in and ask them to send you a list of the pre-requisites..

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When u need a me

My daughter wanted to try the LPN to Rn route....(She has a learning disability and two small sons, straight college classes were not an option) but there was a waiting list..she enrolled in the EMT class instead, it was very fast, and she did well....but once on the job she found that she enjoyed the pre-hospital work so much that she just finished her Paramedic course this week and plans to become certified to teach EMT's ...(her dream is to convince high schools in poorer areas to offer the course as an incentive to finish high school and graduate with a good start on a career path.)

remember that ANY path you take is a good first step..I personally think that former LPN's make great RNs.....but any person with good clinical experience (paramedic, LPN, RT) is eligible to CLEP out several credits neded for the RN....a good way to jump ahead of the long years in college thing, (as long as you have worked long enough to have a very good clinical background).

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