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Trouble from my ministry of Health and NYBON



i want to hear from people who went thru this.

i started my application for licensure with NYBON going thru

CVS first.

CGFNS got easily my credentials from my nursing school

but the ministry of health have been ignoring the letters sent

first by CGFNS and then NY.

For probably, a form to be filled out by the ministry.

They refused to cooperate. Instead of filling out the form

the decided to SEND a copy of my nursing degre and also

a statement signed by the human ressources director.

I tried to convince them to follow what NY want but they

refused and told me that they would not do anything else.

I think that even if NY send another letter, they are not going

to answer. I spoke with the BON today and expained what I was

told but I am really anxious. I do not know how this would play out for me

I am so frustrated. I have been in the process for so long(2years in Nov)

By the way, i have a 2 years Registered nurse degre from my country

and I am now a green card holder.



Specializes in intensive care, recovery, anesthetics. Has 17 years experience.

Find out who the responsible person is at the ministry and contact them directly, the form is easy to fill out (it's the registration bit they want to know, right?). They cannot refuse, it's their job, that's what they are paid to do. You might need to pay a fee for that though, depending on your countrys policies.


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