Trouble with Internal Transfer


Has 2 years experience.

Hi so I’m going to give some information to my current situation that I’m experiencing at the hospital I work at. I’m a new nurse I pasted the NCLEX in June 2019 and got a job in August 2019 on a med-surg floor. The hospital I’m working for has a nurse residency program that goes on for 1 year for new nurses. I’m set to “graduate” this August and I’m been trying to transfer to a ICU for the past 6 months. (Side note nurse residents can transfer to other units if they stayed in their current position for at least six months including different levels of care it’s an unspoken rule). During the month of January I got to shadow some nurses in the SICU and explained to the manager that I really wanted to transfer to unit because my current unit has stable patients. She told me to place an application and I should be hearing from HR very soon. No such call came and many unread emails later I never got a response. Fast forward to the month of March when Covid hits and I get a call from the supervisor of the SICU telling me I’m not a good fit for the unit and I need more years experience before I try to apply. Please keep in mind that the hospital that I work at hires new nurses with no experience straight into high acuity areas such as the ICU, OR and PACU. Hearing her say that I was very hurt. I looked at othe icus and got the chance again to shadow a nurse in the MICU last week. I think I put my best foot forward during my shadow experience because I was asking a lot of questions helping other nurse on the unit clean, turn and assess their patients. I thought everything went well. I’ve talked to the MICU manger and told her I was interested in transferring. She told me I needed to graduate and work on the step down unit for a year before I can think about applying. Right now I just feel hurt because I see other residents being able transfer with no problem but I’m having a rough time. I asking for any advice on how I should handle. Any advice welcomed and appreciated

Both the SICU and MICU managers likely talked to your current manager about a potential transfer and that’s where this feedback is really coming from. Have you spoken to your current manager? It sounds like your current manager doesn’t think you are ready for the ICU environment. Why? You need to talk to your manager.