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Trouble with Client's Mom

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I am a home health LPN. I have a client that I have been with for about two months now. The client is very easy to get along with and for the most part, he is very easy to take care of. The problem is his mother. She has talked negatively about every nurse that works on this case. Every time I come to work, I pray that she isn't there. She doesn't live with her son, but she does come over to check on him and to visit with him. But most of the time she sits with me and tells me what all the other nurses are doing wrong. When she does this, I constantly direct her to talk with the case manager. I have contacted the company to let them know what she is doing, and they have yet to say anything to her. Last week four of the nurse on the case quit because of her. I really like working with the client, and I want to work with him until I finish my bridge program in six months; but she is making it very difficult. I would appreciate any feedback on how to deal with this situation.

Also I wanted to know how much cleaning is appropriate. My client's mom basically wants me to spring clean the house. I don't mind sweeping, moping, vacuuming, cleaning the bathroom, kitchen, or his bedroom. But today she wanted me to clean ceiling fans and base boards. Mind you this house looks like it hasn't been deep cleaned in twenty years. It is very nasty with several cats running around. I know the cats care is not part of my job, but I don't like to see animals treated badly. Someone PLEASE help me with this!

Continue to bring the behavior to the attention of your agency, in writing, but do not be surprised if the agency does nothing. Set boundaries with the cleaning. Involve the supervisor. Assuming that the requests and negative behavior will continue, decide how much you really want to put up with in order to continue on this case. That is the bottom line when dealing with ongoing problems on otherwise good cases. You have to draw a line in the sand where you want that line to exist, and then stick to your guns, or else continue to put up with the problems.


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