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Trocaire College Nursing program!


Hello, I was just wondering anyones thoughts on trocaire colleges nursing program?? I am currently at NCCC but I heard trocaire had an easier program and "cared" about their students more? Just wanted to know what anyone thought about their program compared to others. Thanks!

Hi, KStudentNurse! Thought I'd respond to your post since I graduated from NCCC a couple of years ago. I feel all programs will have their flaws, but overall, NCCC was great in that I felt totally prepared for the NCLEX and starting my career (plus it's a heck of a lot cheaper than Trocaire!) I am not sure how Trocaire's program is, but I do know of at least 3 people who failed out of my class from NCCC (twice..since you get two chances) and ended up going to Trocaire and graduating. I'm not sure if that would be considered a good thing or a bad thing...

As you have probably heard by now, a lot of students do not make it through the program. You will see A LOT of people drop out and fail out each semester. Some come back and try again and make it through! Others come back and fail out again. I'm not sure why it is that people fail out. I think probably personal life issues, not studying enough, stress, working too much (I worked part time and it was fine). One of my friends was an A student the first two semesters and failed third semester. She was really stressed towards the end of semester and it got to her. She bombed the final and failed by literally two points (the whole point system is going to drive you insane lol). But she pulled herself back together and went back the following year and passed and graduated.

I made it through the program with a 3.8 GPA and passed the NCLEX in 45 min with the minimum amount of questions. So my point there is that the program is 100% doable and it definitely prepares you for the end goal. You just need to put the time in. You need to grasp the concepts and really use your critical thinking skills, not just memorize everything. You need to find what works for you in terms of studying. Some students swore by studying in groups, or with their friend. I always studied alone because that's what worked for me. Do what works best for you!

In terms of which school "cares" more about their students...couldn't say. But there were some absolutely WONDERFUL instructors at NCCC who definitely cared!

I probably blabbed on way more than needed here :) So to end my novel...study hard, find your own ways of studying that work for you, don't let the stress get to you (make time for yourself and reward yourself), if you get a bad grade pick yourself back up and show that next test who is boss, oh! and don't give in to the anxiety causing chit chat with other students in the hallways after the tests(you will see what I mean...)

If you have any other questions about the program or what have you, I'd be happy to help you out! Good luck!

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Thank you so much that was very helpful!!! My sister actually graduated from the program 2 years ago also! I have good grades I am just very nervous for the program and my biggest fear is failing out..do you have any study advice or anything? I am very determined and would love more than anything to graduate from nccc it's such a great program. I guess I'm just most nervous for the exams.

I have also finished all of my classes besides micro which I plan on doing next summer

You are already in a good place having taken most of your sciences. And Micro isn't bad at all! In terms of studying, if I didn't understand something completely from lecture or my notes I would research it (literally google it). I wanted to make sure I really understood because the questions on the tests are not black and white..they are pretty grey. What I mean is that they make you really think and many times there are a couple of answers that seem right. You have to use critical thinking to choose which answer is best (that's how the NCLEX is). Some questions are really easy and clear, but there are always a few tricky ones.

Don't get behind on studying. This will totally stress you out. Try to study a little each night after school. That way, when the test is near you won't have to have an anxiety-ridden study marathon. You can just review everything.

I really don't think it was too bad! Looking back, I made it worse than it was because I was so focused on A's and always doubting myself. Seriously though, you can see I am emphasizing the fact that it's important to try to keep the stress as minimal as possible. Of course it will be stressful but nursing students seem to make it worse than it should be :)

Oh, and I found a quick review of my notes right before going to sleep worked great for me as I would wake up still remembering it all in my head. I must have had some pretty boring nursing school dreams for 2 years lol

Well thank you so much! Your advice has been very helpful!! I will most like definitely have more questions for you in the future lol! I start Tuesday and have been reading/watching videos 😫 but I feel less stressed now from talking to You! Thank you! 😀

And btw I know what you mean about stressing for A's that's also my problem I have A's in both my anatomy classes and I probably stress myself out way too much about it! I just need to learn to relax!

You're welcome! One day at time! Good luck with the first week back (it always stinks at first with the loooooong lectures..it gets better when that's over with) :)

Already dreading it! Lol but thank you! Just trying to keep it together now and am ready for the big changes!


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Trocaire absolutely doesn't care about its students. You'll pay outrageous money and told to go home and teach yourself the assessments, its so unorganized. Stay far away from their program!