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Triton application

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Hello to all

I am trying to apply to Triton Rn program. I meet all requirements but one - my scores on recently passed TEAS test are too low for the program (I only didn't score well on reading portion of it). I want to retake TEAS but can only do it as early as 29th of January. The deadline for application is 1st January and I already have submitted the application. Does it mean that TEAS must be taken before 1st of January? I mean.. they probably won't start looking at applications until March and I plan to have TEAS passing scores in college system by that time. Will they deny my application because TEAS was taken after 1st January or the date of exam doesn't matter as long as it is on file by the time they start considering applications? I was told in Oakton college, for example, the deadline for prerequisites and taking tests is a month later than deadline for applications. Does any one know how is it at Triton?

Thank you

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