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Trig/College Algebra same as Finite Math?

The college I want to transfer to has a Finite Mathematics requirement. But I signed up for Trigonmetry/College Algebra where I'm currently at. I checked the descriptions for both and it seems like they kinda cross paths a little (?). I'm not too sure to be honest.

My concern is do you think Trig/College Algebra would transfer over to the Finite Math requirement?

Here's the descriptions for both...

TRIG/COLLEGE ALGEBRA: Vectors, complex numbers, functions and graphs, exponential, logarithmic and trigonometric functions, analytic trigonometry, systems of linear equations.

FINITE MATH: Selected topics from matrix algebra, linear programming, consumer mathematics, probability, theory of games, graphs, and trees.

You would have to call the school to find out if trig/college algebra would satisfy the finite math requirement. They are really the only ones who would be able to tell you if trig/college algebra would satisfy that requirement.

For my school, in order to attend, you had to either place into Finite Math or take the remedial courses. They had Finite Math listed as Math 104 and then College Algebra as Math 106, so two totally separate courses.

Would it be too late to withdraw from the college algebra and sign up for finite math? Or do they not have finite math where you're at?