Does any one have extra information about Triage in Pre-hospital scene and in ER? for ill or injured patients?


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What exactly are you asking. I dont understand your question fully!


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Triage is a complicated issue, left for more experienced nurses in most major ER's. Triage in the feild is different for EMT's and say a flight nurse. Trieage can include the issue of flight and conditions of the pt or ground transport comes with it's own group of concerns. triage in the ER is also different. People with colds and flue arn't arriving by flight medic. People having MI's walk in to the ER like erverything is OK and they don't want to bother you. Some one with a cough can walk in like they're dying and want everything you can give them and more. It takes an experienced nurse to be able to pick out problem s during flight that can occur with spacific injuries, ground deals with IE;;complications that could arise by taking a pt 10 min away to the hospital the pt wants to go to as opposed to the one that they prefer but is 5 min away , or the waiting room that the nurse can pick out the kidney stone , MI ,Appy and epiglotitis. Could you expand on your question that way you'll get the info you want.

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