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Hello all. I am new to with a question about the Tri-C (Cuyahoga Community College) nursing application process. I took the NET on June 28 and on July 6 I received the results and passed. The day after I received the results I received the application and a letter from Tri-C stating that I meet the requirements and now I have to choose which term I want to start. I sent the application like they indicated and now am waiting on their decision. Does anyone here know how long it takes for Tri-C to send acceptance/rejection letters after receiving the application?

I look forward to getting to know you all and reading about the different experiences and different schools.




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I'm sorry i can't help with your question. You can try doing a search on the board at the top of the page in see if anyone else ask this question before. Good luck.... Nursing is a good career with lots of hard work.


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Can you give me some detail about the NET. Im currently trying to find a decent LPN school to attend. Thanks and congrats..


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Tri-C doesn't reject anyone. It is a first come, first serve type of deal. If your first choice is availble, you are in. If it isn't, they will move to your second choice, third choice, etc.

I know they review applications once a month.


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BE VERY WARY OF THE Tri-C Nursing Program. My wife was / is a student there. After thousands of dollars spent on tuition and books, and hundreds of hours of homework, class and clinical time, she was dismissed from the program with only 2 clases left to complete it. She now has nothing to show for it. Seems Tri-C's Nursing Program has a policy that states if you fail more then one NURS level course you are dismissed from their program. Other programs in the area are no where near as strict. She failed by only 12 points (out of 360 total possible points), in a semester where my father passed, and her parents were having some health issues. The administrators in the program just did not care, and would not giver her another chance. They can brag that they have the highest NCLEX passage rate in the state. However, you must be able to graduate from the program to take the exam. They use this policy to essentially weed out anyone who they feel would risk their ranking in this category. Their graduation rate is somewhat abyssmal. Most likely, as with my wife, these folks want to complete the program, but are denied.

In my opinion, if you are not a straight A student, transfer to one of the other local programs with less stringent requirements, and one where the administrators / instructors actually help their students!


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I'm certainly not a fan of Tri-C, but failing to NURS classes or you are out is pretty standard. One of the local schools in my area has if you fail your head-to-toe assessment (aka miss ONE thing) you fail the entire nursing program. That's pretty normal.


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I would strongly urge people to avoid the Tri-C nursing program. The will set you up for failure. I have an advanced degree and would consider myself well above average and my future with the nursing program is in great jeopardy.

We are part of an experimental program at tri-c where they provide us with pre-recorded lectures and have class two hours a week. We are basically responsible for teaching ourselves all of the information. They give us no test preparation whatsoever. The test questions do not come from the pre-recorded lectures. Sometimes they pull a little sentence out of the book as a test question. Sometimes, the questions do not even come from the book or online lectures. When we ask them what we should study, they tell us "everything". This method is obviously not working for 99% of the students. They really need to consolidate or highlight the important material that we need to know as a nurse instead of inundating us with a overabundance of insignificant material that we forget as soon as we are done with the test.

The program is disorganized and the instructors are not helpful at all. From what I understand, Tri-C has a 100% first time pass rate on the NCLEX exam. I suspect they are trying to flunk out all of the students that they feel will not pass first time around. Why not make it mandatory to take a Kaplan NCLEX review course upon completion of the program instead if purposely trying to flunk out so many students.

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