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I'm a first time travler planning on taking an assignment in Fort Worth, TX. Has anyone every worked at Hugeley? Any tips on where to live? I'm single and in my early 30's traveling with my two dogs. Any input is greatly appreciated! Thanks


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I have not been to that area but in general if you are looking for pet friendly lodging check out the extended stay type facilities. They are often pet friendly and if you speak to the manager you can usually workout a deal on rent.


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I'm starting my first travel assignment ever today in Fort Worth. It seems there aren't too many "bad" areas of Fort Worth except I'd stay away from Eastern I-30. It's a bit rougher. I live at Remington Hill and so far so good. They allow dogs, but it's gonna be $300 deposit each, and 50% is refundable. Also, try to live close to the hospital as the interstates down here are all under construction and texans aren't big on following speed limits.

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