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Traveling nurse question

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I am going to be graduating in December with my RN :) and while I do plan on doing a year on the med-surg floor to get my basic skills down. I really am interested in becoming a traveling nurse. Can anyone help me in getting information on traveling nursing? What is a good company/agency to work for? Is there any additional training I should get that would make me more desirable? I am already planning on getting ACLS certified. Thanks for any help.

The most positions and with the best pay seem to be in ICU and ER, some OR. I would say after you do the med/surg to work for at least a year in the ER or an ICU. Get your vent skills, your tele skills, and yes ACLS. That is your best bet. As far as agency it may depend on where you live and if you want to truly travel--all over the county--or more locally, etc.

Thank you mentalhealthRN;

I am currently doing my preceptor in the ICU and I am loving it! As far as where I want to travel I don't have any restrictions as much as I love Idaho I am willing to go all over. Another question I have is how does that work with my license? If I take my state boards in Idaho and the agency wants to send me to another state do I have to take their boards before I am able to work?

you need to contact the state board of education --or look on-line-- for information about what those states you want to be able to work in require for nurses coming from your state. Some might just need you to fill out a request and pay a fee. Some states have whats called reciprocity. Unfortunately there is no national certification. You have to go state by state.Once you get certified for a state then add it toyour resume. Some states are faster then others and actually the agencies are often knowledgable about what a person needs to do to get a license to practice in a particular state. So start with the one or two you most want to work in or where the most jobs you like are located. The way the different agencies pay differs though so ask a lot of questions. I only did a local assignment-- I drove and hour and 20 min one way to a correctional facility. Made goood money considering how easy the work was--$41/hr. But then stopped both due to lack of a position close enough for me to drive to and I wasn't crazy about being away from home and having no life--I was loney and hated staying in a gross hotel room like 4 nights a week. So maybe someone who has done real travel nursing and has taken the housing can better guide you on the agencies that are the best ones. Good luck to you.