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I am new to allnurses, I have a question, I am being offered a travel job that is about 10 miles from my home and am wondering about tax issues. I have not spoken with the recruiter yet ( she left me a message) but if there is a stipend should I have it taxed. I needed to be close to home for the next 13 weeks due to my kids in a lot of sports. Also I have another recruiter looking at assignments that are about 60-70 miles away. What should I be aware of if I take an assignment so close to home? This is my second assignment.:D

Hope someone can help me out.




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Unless I am mistaken you have to work more than 50 miles from home for it not to be taxed..I think?

I work 120 miles away so not an issue for me.


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You should have it taxed.

Contrary to popular belief there is no set # of miles from your home for a travel position. What matters to the irs is if you are having a "hardship" meaning are you having to stay in a hotel or apartment.

If no and you are going home to your own bed each night then the tax free money does not count.


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Thanks for the input I will definately have it taxed. I am used to being taxed in good ole New York, where we are taxed for everything. My priority is to be home so the money is not the important thing.

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