traveling with my dog to assignment on indian reservation


hi all

i am going to do my first travel rn assignment and am looking at hospitals on indian reservations

my question is-i want to take my dog with me and was wondering 1--is that feasible/good idea and 2/housing

is it possible to share housing with other rns at facility in order to have my dog along?

also-can you reccommend any facilities?



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Can't recommend housing there but have traveled all over with my dog and many hotels will accept them. Have fun, that sounds exciting.


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I have extensive experience with IHS hospitals. If you will be living "On-Site" or in "Shared Housing" it will not be possible to bring your pet or spouse. Also, many of the locations are remote having only 1 or 2 hotels to choose from, so make sure to check with them directly (not the recruiter).