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Traveler to Avow Naples FL

nrcnurse specializes in hospice.

Any tips for a traveler on an assignment to this agency?

Thank you!

Stcroix specializes in cardiac-telemetry, hospice, ICU.

Good people, even better community of nurses. I worked in the home care end. I felt comfortable and welcome. They look for you to do 4 visits a day, occasionally a fifth on crazy times. You are well supported. Docs are great, available, down to earth and willing to support the nurses. Good luck!

hi - i've been a hospice admission nurse for a year in Washington DC. for various life reasons, I'm considering doing a little bit of travel work as a hospice RN. I'd love to hear more about your experience as a hospice nurse as a traveler.

nrcnurse specializes in hospice.

It's the same job, just in a different location. I worked in Burlington, VT and in Lebanon, NH (in VT and NH) this year, March- mid-November. I loved the location, people were great, everywhere I went was the scenic route. I will probably go back there next spring/summer, or maybe I'll go to Maine or N. California. I just know that I do not want to spend summer in FL! (I am from FL, and worked in hospice there since 2006, doing everything patient oriented; Hospice House, Admissions, Case Management, Continuous Care.)

I have heard some horror stories about hospital jobs, but hospice is the same everywhere; too many patients, not enough qualified nurses. The staff at both agencies in VT were great, very happy to have me, very helpful in every way. The scariest part is just making the decision to do it.

I have been working with Core Medical Group. They have a lot of hospice openings. I can for sure tell you that Visiting Nurse and Hospice of VT & NH would take you in a second. (That's the assignment I just left.) They are critically short handed. The "big boss" even volunteered to buy me a set of studded snow tires if I'd stay. (!) I'm a FL girl, though; not prepared or equipped to handle a VT winter.

Traveling has a number of challenges; where to live, how to get there, maintaining a tax home, filing all the paperwork needed to start each assignment, filing weekly paperwork to get paid, etc. There is a great group on FB, The Gypsy Nurse, that is very helpful. They have affiliated groups for housing and jobs. Also, there is a Travelers Conference each year in September in Las Vegas. It is very very helpful, and fun, too!

Good luck! Go for it!

Can I ask what travel agency or company you work with? I am looking to get into travel nursing, I've been doing hospice for a little over a year now.

nrcnurse specializes in hospice.

I work for Core Medical Group. They have a number of hospice jobs available.

Ok I will check them out! I'm trying to do some research so I can find out what all I need to get started! Thank you

nrcnurse specializes in hospice.

I am about to finish my contract with Avow, and they have been "as advertised." It is so nice to work for a group that understands what you can get done in 8 hours! Great nurses, docs, the whole team. I may be back next winter!

Stcroix specializes in cardiac-telemetry, hospice, ICU.

So glad it worked out. yes, they are nice folks


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