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  1. I am a new traveler and was curious if others found this to be a problem. I phone interviewed with the critical care manager and was told that I was going to be in CCU or other critical care area as per my speciality. After asking about being pulled to other areas of the hosp. IE: tele,floors, etc..., that I would only be pulled if the census dropped. There have been no empty unit beds in the hospital and I have spent only 1 of my 12 days there in a critical area. The rest have been in their s/p OHS unit with 6:1 ratio. These are 3-4 day post-op with tele monitors and no lines except hep locks. I am not bashing tele as I probably couldn't handle 8+ pts. after being used to two, but I would not have accepted this assignment if I was informed that their CCU was staffed and their step downs were not. I have spoken with other travelers there who said they were told the same thing I was. Should I expect this level of dishonesty, or was this just their way of staffing their step downs?
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  3. by   KyRNBSN
    First, contact your recruiter and tell them about the situation you are in. As far as I cam concerned, this is a breech in contract. Also, in the future.. Please consider talking to your recrtuier about adding a float limit to your contract. In other words.. Make them put in writing that you will not float more than X number of shifts per week/assignment to other units. If your recruiter acts funny abotu putting that in writing.. something is up. Also.. When doing phone interviews, ask about float policies and how often they expect you to float. Make a list of questions to ask managers prior to getting the call and go down the list. Never agree to an assignment that you don't feel comfortable about.. and last but not least. Find a recruiter you trust. not just someone who you have been assigned to. Trust your instinct and gut.. its usually right.

    Hope these help
  4. by   jefccu
    Thanks for the reply Kelly. I am currently switching companies. After I spoke with mine they did nothing and haven't called me since then.
  5. by   carehope
    I also am a first time traveler and same thing has happened are you at MUSC in sc? I am with cross country and all they care about is they found another body for the hospital . These are big contracts and big money for them. You are a comodity , bought and sold to the highest bidder. I have 4 more nights of this contract and will never do this again.
  6. by   jefccu
    I was going to give up also when some of the travelers that are at this Fla. hosp. told me they too were used by this hosp. They said don't let this one travel decide your future. Some have been traveling for several years and reccomended trying one more time with a different co. I am going with PPR to Johns Hopkins this June and am making sure everything I want is written out. Give it one more try, I am going to.
  7. by   KyRNBSN
    As with any "specialty", Travel nursing has its good sides and bad sides. Don't give up based on one bad experience. Read these forums as well as delphi forums and others out there and learn about various travel companies, locations/assignments etc. You might just have found the wrong assignment with the wrong company. I've been doing this for 2 years now. My VERY FIRST assignment was a nightmare and the company I had worked for is now widely known for its negative traits.

    I've also learned that I prefer 4 week assignments with the option to extend. That way I am not stuck very long in a negative situation and bound by a long contract. I also find that the shorter assignments pay a little more and usually either provide transportation to and from work or provide you with rental cars. There are many out there.. just scope them out and make a list of pros and cons. Most important...know and trust your recruiters.. don't be afraid to ask questions or turn down offers. YOU are the one making the money for your recruiter, you are not paying them so therefor YOU pull the ropes and control the ship.
    Ask ask ask ask ask, and ask again, everything! make a list and ask for specific details, include clauses in contracts for family emergencies, scheduled days off, a float policy etc. You might not always gedt everything you want in the contract, but that's what negotiation is all about..

    Last but not least, Hang in there and do what you are doing here.. talk to others who have worked with those companies, also talk to others who have worked those assignments.. Ask your recruiter to provide you the name and number of another nurse currently on the assignment to ask how things are going.

    your the boss! go forth and take control!

    best wishes
  8. by   parrotheadtoo
    hey kel,
    what co are you with?
  9. by   SICU Queen

    I traveled last year and had a wonderful experience. I was with Global RN (1800GLOBERN) and went to Redding, CA. I was there to work ICU, and only got pulled to Tele when absolutely needed, and then it was a 4:1 ratio...

    I definitely would NOT put up with being floated like that. Next time get it in your contract exactly what you are willing to do as far as floating goes...

    Also, I only do 4 week assignments. That way if it sucks you can move on pretty quickly...
  10. by   Amy ER Nurse
    I am interested in a short term assignment in the Baton Rouge, La. area near my family. Does anyone have any suggestions as to an agency to try? I have never traveled before. I am an RN , ER specialty with 10 years experience. Thanks
  11. by   carehope
    thank You all!
    Do any of you have a company that you recomend that do 4 week assignments?
  12. by   pjh
    Always remember to sign for just 3 months you call handle anything, and make sure it's in your contract not to float although if your not willing to float you might not get the job. I was also promised ER and I've been stuck up on a surgical floor and they need the help so bad there's no way Im getting back in the ER and I hate it, but you live and learn and I only have 6 wks left and it was verbal not in writting so learn from my experience.
  13. by   jefccu
    Your right PJH, I also have only 6 wks left on my assignment. I have a new company and have the new contract with specifics written on paper. I will never go to somewhere without eveything spelled out. Good luck and remember one or two bad assignments can't break our spirits.
  14. by   herdital
    Has any one taken an assignment in DElaware? I bought a house there 9 miles from the beach Hoping to turn it into The Nightingale Rose Bed &Breakfast. so all you burned out nurses have a place to go and crash. Then you might remember why you wanted to be a nurse in the first placeIn the meantime I need a place to put afew shifts in I will be commuting from cal I am a critical care nurse.