Working In The Middle East.

  1. Hi i live in Australia, just finished my first year of nursing. I just wanted to know if anyone in here has worked in the middle east as a nurse. Eg. Saudi Arabia.
    I would like to know the living costs, pay conditions, living arrangements, treatment of foreigners. Just stuff like this or even more info if you can provide it.
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    Well all nurses that work in Saudi are BSN or a higher degree with One or More years in area of specialty. I have worked in Saudi and Dubai, both very good places to be.
    In Saudi you will go through a company to work there. They handle all things such as housing(you will live in a compound and share apartment with other nurses) You will also be taken to and from work in a van that picks you up at the compound. Also insurance and benefits come from the company that contracts you.
    The pay is good its tax free but thats if your american which Im guessing your not so Im not sure of your tax status. The Base pay tax free is starting out at 30 thousand us dollars a yr. Majority have a 2 yr contract and they pay for your flights home and your mid term flight home or anywhere you wish to go while your on vacation.
    Saudi is very restrictive when it comes to woman , you cant drive , you cant be out alone or unaccompanied and you Must have your Hair covered at all times when your outside your compound. Which overall is no biggy. If you wish to go somewhere someone will take you to and from where you want to go. There are some freedoms inwhich you have to give up to be able to work in the Arab Nations. Religon other than Islam is not practiced, if it is its new it wasnt when I was there and I do know of someone who had thier bible comfiscated when they were entering the country and they almost went to jail. But the customs spoke with them and it was evident that they had no idea of the restriction. Oh some areas in Saudi are dry as in NO BOOZE , so get used to it.
    Dubai on the other hand , well it was cool and I loved it and would go back in a minute.
    The hospitals are state of the art,Majority are at the same and if not better standards of John Hopkins and Cedars Sinai hospitals, there staff are well trained and 90% are expats that come in and work for the Saudi nationals. Other then the fact that Islamic prayer is held 5 times a day and it last about 5 minutes or so, then the work is about the same. Its not bad and a great experience, but before you jump on the band wagon, look and see what your Embassy says and if there are any restrictions that you need to know about. Also do a back ground check on the company that you will be applying through see if they have had any international incidents with Passports and withdrawls.
    As I talk to you from Egypt, I can say being over there is MUCH better than here.
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    Another thing is it hard to carry out a relationship if you meet someone there?
    Thanks for the info.
    Unless its another medical person in the facitly you wont be meeting anyone else.Every where you go you will be accompanied. Are you male or female I dont know but I can tell you if your female your chances are slim. Saudis very seldom interact with other people due to religon. There relationships are arranged, and thier relationships consist of Marriage.
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    I'm male.
    Were there many relationships when you were there?
    Well since your male, you will be able to do alot more things than I was. Yes you can have a relationship there but you will be meeting many for the facitly your working for so most or expats but the majority there are woman so your ratio is great.
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    Dudes looks like i won't be going 2 the middle east now!!
    Don't think there will be anything left by the end of the year with the current situation!!!!
    LOL come on If you travel now you will get war hazzard pay.........
    I know what your saying I high tailed it out of the middle east as well(left the 21 of Jan). Im in another war zone. :LA California lol....... , I thought WTH will work on my schooling, and enjoy the coast.... and just pray it stays quiet over there (the hubby is still there working)
    Im hoping it will all blow over soon but it just looks like that BLOWN UP will be more like it. Sit it out... cover your a$$, and keep it all intact until things cool down.