verbal contract.. need help...

  1. Can anyone help me with understanding a verbal. I'm I legally bond by a verbal contract. I have not signed anything yet however the more I am thinking of this assignment I just feel it is not right for me, I know my rec. will be very upset and probably will not work me any further. however Iam just torn between whether to take it or not it sounded perfect at first but now I have a funny feeling about it which Iam sure its just me. what are my options of pulling out, with out to much hate and discontent.
    need help
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  3. by   nightingale
    It sounds like this is your first assignment; is that right?

    How bad is bad? Hmmmm.... well, if it is unsafe and untolerable, only you can answer that. There may be fees to reimburse the Travel Company. Without your providing that information here, I can only guess.

    One needs to look at their reputation, especially in Travel Nursing. I can not imagine much that would prevent me from completing an assignment. A verbal agreement is a promise to provide a service. You must be a person of integrity in order to be a Nurse.

    Try to work it out with your Nurse Manager. What are the issues (without being too personal and if it is, keep it to a PM).