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  1. I am just wondering if there any other travl nurses that have children and take them along with you. I am interested in traveling with my husband and 12 yr old daughter. We started looking at different options for schooling for her. I dont want to keep putting her in different school systems. I think that the expierence for all of us would be great. What I am looking for is what other nurses have done schooling in these circumstances. She has always wanted to be home schooled but I am looking for somthing with a little more structure that my husband is able is do with her while I am working. We are not planning on traveling for at least another year, so our daughter would just be starting high scool. Any imput would be great

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  3. by   rosehillworks
    If your daughter will be starting highschool why not homeschool? A lot of the homeschool curriculum is geared for self teaching and she would have your husband to help if needed. You could also look into correspondance schooling where she would have instructors she could talk to. Google highschool by correspondance. I think that American School does correspondance. Sorry I couldn't be more help. Helen
  4. by   laurainri
    Thank you for your reply I am looking into correspondence schools. We have thought about home schooling but I think my husband needs somthing that will be a little more structured. I am just wondering if you iknow of any reputable ones. I want my daughter to be able to have to oppertunity to go to college if she desires and I know that they have to be accredited and not a "fly by night" company. any suggestions would be great
  5. by   spiritdancer
    I too am investigating traveling with my family. We already homeschool our six-year-old son, but we participate in a homeschool co-op. I wanted to get some practical suggestions from someone who has traveled with their family.
    Did you sell your house? Only travel seasonally? What did your spouse do? Was it easy to find housing to accomodate your family? What about our dog?