Traveling to DC

  1. I have two questions....

    1. I want to live in the Metro area and not Arlington,VA. What area would current or past travelers recommend for a young, single urban nurse?

    2. I probably will be working at Childrens National.They always have a large need for travelers. I know these are red flag signs but I want to know about other travelers experience and opinions.
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  3. by   efuchs1
    I can't answer your first question but can kind of answer the second. I'm not sure which field you work in but I have 4 different friends that all worked in the NICU at that hospital. (They each worked there at different times). They all say fairly the same thing. It's a BUSY unit!! The pay is great but you leave the unit feeling exhausted and that made it hard to work extra shifts. They had a lot of 3:1 and 4:1 assignments but the babies would be on NCPAP or were high maintenance in other ways. They also all insist that the travelers had the crappy assignments, not surprising. I guess the nurse manager wasn't nice either. They all loved DC though!
  4. by   captn_smallfry
    DONT GO!!!! No, Im just kidding... just be ready to work your butt off! I was a traveler there for 8 months. The only reason I stayed was because I met my future husband there. As for the NICU. Most are friendly, some are not! I spent half the time in the PICU! Which sucked, bc it was soooo hectic in there! I was always too tired at the end of the day to do anything. But on my days off I went site seeing. I stayed in Alexandria... great place! I would say stay at Potomac yard, across from a shopping area, minutes from metro, and a HUGE mall. Short drive to work, you by pass most of the traffic into the city by way of Rt.1. If you have any other ??? let me know. Have fun!