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  1. Hello all,

    I'm new to, this is my first post. I am a future (cross my fingers) Masters Entry student who plans to eventually become an NP(still deciding on a specialty). I'm probably looking way to far into the future here, but......
    Once I'm done with school, I'd like to travel for little while. I'm concerned though that it will be difficult to travel as an NP. Do NP's travel? Is it possible to travel and an RN, an NP too? Just curious. I've got my mind dead set on traveling after I'm done with school and would be disappointed if it were difficult because I was an NP.

    Thanks you guys.
    By the way, this site is FABULOUS for future nurses like myself, you guys tell it like it is. Luv it!
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  3. by   Brownms46
    Yes you can travel as a NP! In fact the NCSBN (The National Council of State Boards of Nurses) is proposing compact licensure for NP. BUT the NAPNAP (National Association of Pediatric Nurse Associates and Practitioners) is fighting legislation to pass this in each state.

    But rest assured you will have no trouble traveling when it comes time for you to graduate. So far the powers behind the compact move has been able to place pressure on states to pass this bill, even though in some states it took a while. Now more states are now looking to bill similar legislation in the states that haven't already joined.

    In other words, you will be able to have your dream... It will just depend on what happens with the legislation as to whether or not getting licensed to practice will be the headache it used to be for traveling RN/LPNs.
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