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  1. I have heard that California is the worst state to travel to due to nursing shortages and how they treat their travelers. I have been cosidering traveling to one of the Kaiser hospitals but haven't selected a definate area yet,and I would like to know if anyone has found this to be true? Thanks
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  3. by   roxyroo
    i worked 5 years in fresno, our travelers were treated like everyone else, even self scheduling, etc.they were not singled out, just that all nurses got treated that way
  4. by   momofsix
    Did you work at Kaiser by chance?
  5. by   kalbo3
    Wow. I have experienced just the opposite with California. Where did you hear all this?
  6. by   momofsix
    I heard this fron 2 coworkers, but they had never traveled there themselves. They were previosly travelers and they said they would never travel to CAlifornia. I just wanted the opinion of someone who had actually gone there.
  7. by   roxyroo
    I worked in Fresno for 5 years,started out as a traveler. So much of the staff there is travelers, and I really think they got treated as well as anyone else.But fresno is not a huge place, about 700,000 with four hospital systems. Where I worked it was good, but I didn't work at kaiser. I knew people who did and they seemed to think it was pretty good
  8. by   Selke
    Oh good grief. California is a huge state with many hospitals from small rural to large teaching institutions ... one can't generalize from one person's perception of Kaiser to the entire state. Cali's like every other place: some hospitals have bad reps overall, some just have certain floors that aren't so great to work on, and there are many, many medium to great places to work. You're better off asking about specific hospitals and units.

    Bear in mind there is a staffing ratio law here, which is probably why the demand for travellers is so high.
  9. by   kalbo3
    I have found that most of the facilities in Northern California do pay much better than do facilities in Southern California. I'm not sure if it is the travel company or the facility that determines the hourly rate though. As a traveler in Northern California I have always been welcomed and treated fair by the regular staff. I only have experience working in large hospitals so I don't know if this is true for smaller hospitals as well. Would love to hear from a traveler that has worked in a small hospital in California to find out about their experience. Thanks in advance.
    Happy travels,
  10. by   crusso
    Hey there, I spent many years on local travel assignments in Ca. Bay of my favs was a Kaiser hosp there. Haven't heard any bad things, but everyone has there preferences. As far as pay, Northern Ca. is higher simply because of the area of location.
  11. by   crusso
    I spent alot of time in a smaller community Bay Area hosp in Ca... loved it.. travelers were treated fine. The pay rate is set by the locations of assignments.
  12. by   LadyNASDAQ
    I have been working travel in Calif. for years. I have been treated extremely well wherever I have worked and I keep coming back.
  13. by   Sheri257
    I don't travel here myself but, I have talked to travelers who've told me they won't work anywhere else because of California's ratio law. One returned Arizona and ended up coming back to California because she just didn't want to handle eight or more patients anymore. In California, you can't get more than five patients.

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  14. by   LadyNASDAQ
    I go to Cali every year. It's my second home especially during hurricane season.