Travel Nursing- What's all the BUZZ about??

  1. Hey guys and gals..

    I am a new grad (BSN-RN) and currently working on a peds/med surg unit. (not super sick peds, they send those out to bigger hospitals)

    Anywho, I have been told by so many people that I should try travel nursing when I get more experience. I have a few questions about it..

    Is the housing/travel really paid for? Or do you end up paying a bunch yourself?

    How much do you make as a Travel Nurse? I see you can make upwards of 50/hr in some specialty areas...

    Can you travel as a couple? My fiance is currently in nursing school and we would like to travel together...

    Also, why do YOU love trabeling??

    Any other tidbits/advice would be appreciated!!
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  3. by   NedRN
    The first thing to do when visiting a new forum is to lurk a while and read a couple of dozen threads. Every question you asked has been asked hundreds of times. Reading those responses will be very informative. Then you will have some more focused questions that readers will be happy to help you with. I say this with kindness as someone who goes to many kinds of forums and find I often don't have to post at all to get the info I want. If you google travel nursing information you will also find sites that discuss all the basics in article form. Two of the most popular are PanTravelers and Highway Hypodermics. Happy reading!
  4. by   TheGypsyNurse
    I would ditto what NedRN replied. Forums and online resources are abundant. You have your research and read everything you can. After you have read and researched, if you have specific questions there are many resources to help answer them.

    What do you love about traveling? I love the freedom! I can work when I want and vacation when I want. Great for reducing Burn-Out that so many nurses experience. Plus, I can be a tourist while I'm working....