Travel nursing contracts

  1. I am a first time traveler and the company I plan to work for will not alter the wording of my contract at all. Is this how these contract negotiations usually are? The contract states my contract can be canceled for "allegations of misconduct, breach of contract, unauthorized absence etc" I asked them to change to word to substantiated instead of alleged. It seems like if that word stays it would put me at risk. What do you think?
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  3. by   KatieBell
    Usually they will change some of the contract. I can not imagine them changing that however. If a facility alleges you have had misconduct- they will not want you to work there again, so then it would be money out of the agencies pcoket to pay while they try to sort out alleged vs. sustantiated.
  4. by   suzanne4
    Unfortunately, I do not think that you will find an agency that will change that. If the facility cancels you, then that is what happens. You will be responsible for any housing costs that the company has assumed for you, as well as your flight home, if you flew, etc.

    Same thing happens with per diem contracts, a facility can refuse to take a nurse back for any reason. It is their choice.
  5. by   CheluRN
    It seems like for any reason at all I could be cancelled and be responsible to pay back a large sum of money. What type of rights do I have as an employee of an agency? It seems like these contracts are stacked in the company's favor.
  6. by   jsixxerrn
    As a travel nurse you cover your own tail. I just got cancelled for allegations of med error. I met with the nurse manager for the unit and none of it was my fault and I had the documentation in my chart to prove it. I still lost the position. thank god my recruiter placed me elsewhere in 3 days time. welcome to travel nursing. of yeah the nurse manager apologized for turning it in after i proved it was not me and said it was too late to take it back. go figure