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  1. I'm hoping to get some feedback from those out there that have done some travel nursing. I moved down to the US from Canada, but I find that I am very uncertain about the agency I am with and the little things that seem to pop up that were never explained properly or possibly ignored by the agency to benefit them. I am currently thinking of finding another agency but I am still a little leary about what to look for from the agency... benefits, housing, pay rate and if this is guaranteed if cancelled by the hospital... etc.

    I have yet to have a complete set of shifts in a payperiod and now on a renewed contract they have doubled my housing cost I have to pay if I am sick... I just had 3 shifts cancelled by the hospital and now I'm out those shifts with little or no chance to make it up... any thoughts... thanks.
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  3. by   KatieBell

    One thing for sure, next time you get a contract- make sure it has "Gaurenteed hours" I go for 48 weekly gaurenteed, it's a lot, but then I am sure not to be cancelled, and to make enough money to jusitfy it...
    Good Luck.
  4. by   suzanne4
    Sounds like you did not read the fine print on your contract. I would definitely look for a different company.

    And remember, that if it is not spelled out in your contract, it doesn't exist.
    Just because your recruiter promises you something, if it is not in the contract when you sign it, it doesn't exist. And do not rely on sign this, and we will update it and send you a copy. You must be signing what you agree to, and not subject to changes.
  5. by   texastraveler
    I always get guaranteed hours, either 40 or 48 hrs. I don't pay if i'm sick or take time off work. Now you know a few things to ask before you accept a position. your recruiter should have told you these things before. Ask about private housing (it should be free) travel pay should be around $600 - $1000. A good hourly wage is at least $35 - $40/hr. housing, rental car, etc... should NOT come out of your money.