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  1. Hello fellow nurses!

    I am currently in transition from Houston, Texas to PA with family due to losing everything in the Harvey floods and living on donations at the moment. I am still employed with a wonderful hospital in Houston however will have to leave sooner than later.....eventually. I would like to get some input on signing up for travel nursing within the area that I will be relocating to. At least until I get an idea of what hospitals are best to work permanently for or decide which field I really want to be in. I have been in Med/Surg for the past two years. I don't hate it but I KNOW it's not what I want to keep doing, especially with no ratio laws in place and lower than deserved pay for the work involved.

    Anyhow, just inquiring about reputable travel companies and how it all works.

    Thanks in advance for your input my friends!
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  3. by   Swellz
    Where in PA are you headed? NEPA has some good rates at the moment. I'm so sorry for what you are going through. Best of luck.
  4. by   SuccessInProgress
    Heading to a town about 30 minutes outside of Philadelphia and thank you...... have a long road ahead. I will check out NEPA.
  5. by   shivone
    Maybe you're in the Lehigh Valley area? I work at Lehigh Valley-Pocono (regular staff). We are currently utilizing agency nurses for some positions. Geisinger is another large health system that seems to use a lot of ageny nurses too. Also look directly at the websites of some of the local hospitals. if you know you're in one place for a while you may want to see if there are some temporary positions where you can go direct thru the employer instead of an agency.