travel nurse positions in Minot, ND

  1. I know it's a small place... but does anyone know of companies that offer travel nurse positions in or near Minot, ND?
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  3. by   Michellex1013
    Minot is a small small town. You MIGHT find something in bismark or fargo.
  4. by   eddy
    Ahhh... The "Magic City" of Minot. That's likely a difficult place to get much info on here. I would say contact the local facility (is there more than 1? haha), and ask them what companies they use for travel contracts and if they currently have any travel openings. For a city that small you might actually have a good chance at an IC gig if you are up for the extra work involved that normally your agency would handle. Best of luck!
  5. by   PMFB-RN
    I don't know anything about travel nursing in ND but here are the web sites of the two hospitals in Minot

    I hope this helps.