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Hey Im new to travel nursing looking to go on my first assignment in Jan with On Assigment. My recruiter so far has been very helpful and questions he doesn't know the answer to he finds out. Is... Read More

  1. by   caramel
    Hello everybody.
    has anybody heard of strathegic nursing agency. if you have . would you recomend this traveling company.
  2. by   mkohut_
    Was the comment about the non-US nurse directed towards someone from outside North America? It wasn't mentioned in her post where she was from. I am from Canada and looking to go work in the USA with a year experience as an RN and a few months more experience as a graduate nurse. Would anyone recommend that I work in the USA first on a home unit? I want to relocate to new york and was going to use travel nursing as my vehicle. The rent there is quite high and I doubt I would be able to afford it without travel nursing (I would probably have to work in new jersey or upstate new york if I were to move there and be a staff nurse)
  3. by   Maynmom
    I also have worked with On Assignment. No complaints.