Travel Companies How to Decide

  1. With all the travel companies out there what is the best way to decide who to go with when you don't know other travelers ? I have been on highway hypodermic site but there are still so many options. Any recommendations of companies that would be a good start for a first time ICU traveler?
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  3. by   picknenders
    I would call a few that you think sound like a good fit for you - most of them have job postings on their websites. Talk to a recruiter and see which one jives the best with your personality. I'm a recruiter, and have found that the relationship that I build with each nurse directly dictates the success or failure of the assignment. Of course there are other factors that go in to it, but if you have a great, honest relationship with your recruiter, it can do wonders!
  4. by   NedRN
    Ah, you are a recruiter.
  5. by   Sage1111
    I am currently on assignment with Cross Country TravCorp.. While I have heard some negative comments about this agency on these type of forums, I have had a very good experience so far. I think a bigger company is a good choice for new travelers. Systems seem to be in place to deal with any "speed bumps" that may occur. I know some will disagree. Best advice: learn everything you can and take care of thy self.