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To CA travelers-- I just got a letter in the mail saying that if I have to register my car my out of state car or I would be fined, and still be charged to register my car. Someone in my... Read More

  1. by   aberrn
    I got pulled over while in CA as my licence plate light was out.He also informed me that the plastic plate covers are illegal in CA

    He was very nice about it,no ticket.He asked if I was moving to CA,I explained I was a travel nurse and would be working periodically in CA.

    Fixed the light the next day,removed the cover this month when I got my new tag,as I will be driving back to CA Jan 2nd.

    As always being polite and professional sometimes helps.
  2. by   Agnus
    Quote from bagladyrn
    I'd probably also let the rental agent know that they were going to lose a lot of business on travelers' rentals if they didn't help you address this - especially if the complaining neighbor has the same landlord as you.
    I can tell you up front this NOT something that rental agents. property management companies etc. will address.

    The way the property management business works this will have zero effect on them. They have bigger problems than this to worry about.
  3. by   caliotter3
    I once brought up the subject of all the tenants at my complex having out of state license plates and keeping me from parking near my building with their multiple cars, along with more serious problems, to my property management people. They were not interested at all. For that matter, they had a security service that drove through the complex. There would have been no problem in dealing with the lawbreakers. They were very easy to identify. The complex where I live now has a tow truck come through on a regular basis to tow illegally parked cars and it is very much down the scale of desirable places to live. I've been approached for not having my up to date registration sticker on my plate. I've seen cars with more than ten years worth of missing registration stickers. I called the authorities when it bothered me. The law still states that upon entering the state, a person will register their car within 20 days. Traveling nurses should have the same exemption from this law that temporarily assigned military people have. If I were a traveling nurse I would bring up this example and ask why I was being singled out. Write a letter to a legislative representative and ask them to introduce legislation to have other categories of temporary residents added to the exemption.
  4. by   HarryHK
    Quote from caliotter3
    The law still states that upon entering the state, a person will register their car within 20 days.
    Only a person MOVING to the state. Not business travelers.
  5. by   Michellex1013
    To answer one of your questions.... I did go up to the nearest local DMV to find out info on the subject, but they are closed for renovation. This is the same DMV location that the state DMV's 1-800 # people told me to go to. The person on the phone should have known they were closed. If I am ticketed, they better do it in person because I am leaving this current location on the 11th. It should be illigal to mail me a summons because I wouldn't get it, and then if I ever did get pulled over I would be arrested for failure to appear. I may get a CA license because I might do another assignment in a different location. If I go to court I will show that I was told to go to a particular DMV and it was closed. Why would I waste more gas driving to the next closest DMV (I think 50+ miles away). They keep messing up and I am not going to keep going out of my way to make this state happy.