The Contract Must-Haves!

  1. For those of us who haven't had experience in travel nursing or even those who've had some bad experiences, I'm sure that everyone would like to know the must-haves you should always have in your contract to make for a pleasant experience.

    Thanks for all of your help!
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  3. by   LadyNASDAQ
    I've been a Nurse since age 19 1/2. I'm turning 48 yrs. old on Jan. 22nd so with about 28 yrs. in the profession, I'm speaking of many years working as a Nurse. I work ICU btw. All kinds btw.

    I've been traveling since year 2000. My must haves have a lot to do with experience and remember, I can also do Charge Nursing so factor that in...

    Pay is paramount. If I'm being offered a low salary, I won't take the assignment.

    Single, private apt. with all housewares in a good area and now will inquire about extended stays because they're actually very nice like Oakwood for ex.

    Housing stipend has to make sense for the area in case I want that instead of travel agency provided housing.

    Good insurance bennies is a must.

    A Recruiter that gives me a good insight good or bad about the assignment along with honesty, availability to be called.

    My last assignment provided a car plus rental car insurance. That was nice. Shuttle service is even nicer.
  4. by   GoingHome

    How would you know if the wage is low or not? I've wondered if I am accepting a lower wage with my company, but they are good with dependability, they keep their word, housing is safe and clean w/ basic furniture. They also do the tax benefit. When I talk with other travelers, I am always the lowest paid, sometimes by 5-6 dollars. So, how do you figure this out?
  5. by   hippiejoe
    I now try to go and look at the pay scale for that area you can do that at I don't remember the exact link but there is one there. Another thing is just tell your recruiter you need more money, you really want the assignment but...................