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  1. Am interested in finding out all I can on the travel nursing agencies; i.e. which ones hire LPN's, what are their requirements, how do you get licensed in other states, countries; do they pay for airfare, etc? The job market has dried up here in northeastern U.S. Need a job!
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  3. by   SD
    Anne, I pursued travel nursing for quite a few months and have four references. Many pay expenses such as travel, with all agencies I was responsible for attaining a nursing license in whatever state they were sending me to. Although a friend of mine works for an agency that he is licensed thru for all states. He loves it and usually contacts me whenever he has a new assignment. The job market is somewhat scarce in midwest US also and I am looking for a NICU job near the Twin Cities, MN if you have any leads let me know.

  4. by   kelly
    I traveled for a year and a half for Health Examinetics out of San Diego. Some of the best times of my life-also the worst. Please feel free to e-mail me if you are interested
    in the details. I prefer to use private
    e-mail. Take care.
  5. by   LUCIFY
    Anne, since you are inquiring, I assume you are interested in starting a traveling career. My hospital has openings for LPNs, depending on your experience and specialty. If you are willing to commit to a one-year, renewable agreement, we will help you with license and relocation. In addition, our large health system is always looking for LPNs and RNs and you would almost assuredly be able to move within it. Our locations are uppe and central midwest, southeast and west in a number of states. My location is central Kansas. Please e-mail me if you have an interest.
  6. by   iamme445
    Hello, I would also like to look into travel nursing. I am currently an RN in PA, recently divorced and thinking maybe getting away from this area for a year would do me some good.
    I have 6 years critical care experience in ICU, CVICU, NICU and am a Pre-hospital RN (Pennsylvania thing-paramedic and RN). I am currently on a critical care transport team that is hospital based.
    I was hoping to get some input from some nurses who have done travel nursing before I begin to inquire about agencies and jobs available. What to look for in housing and pay rate along with other specific things offered. How long of a commitment is usually asked for by the hospitals etc.
    answer here or by e-mail thank
  7. by   travelrn
    I've been traveling now for 2.5 years and have thoroughly enjoyed it(except for 1 assignment--that happens!) When I first started, I looked at the ads in the nursing journals and picked the 3 companies with the biggest ads to contact. While I admit it's not very scientific, it isn't a bad rule of thumb. Most of the companies are about the same--though there will be subtle differences.

    First of all, who returns your calls? If you have a hard time getting in touch with anyone--go on to the next company. My next concern is how they handle housing--will it cost anything(deposits,utilities) Most require a small($100) deposit and provide free shared housing. Telephone is your responsibility. Next I look at health & dental insurance--most are provided free, though this can vary. You also need to know about direct deposit & how things are handled with the IRS. This is all before you even talk about assignments!

    Since I mainly do post partum/nursery, the number of assignments I have to choose from is limited. I won't go to any state that requires verification from all previous licenses(I currently have 11 so that would be expensive)so you won't see me in Texas or Connecticut. I like to hear if there are any bonuses available--definitely makes up for a less than choice location. Remember the time of year so you don't end up in Dayton, OH in the dead of winter.

    I'll be glad to answer anything if you have any more questions...

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  8. by   Steve L
    I am a travel nurse in the MD, Wash.DC, & VA area. The agency I work for is Progressive Nursing Staffers. Agency work can be a PIA when given the undesireable assignments, but tankfully that hasent happened much to me. The agency has local assignments and PRN work. I've been happy so far and it's great not having to deal with the "politics" because I'm temorary. The money is better, and the patient care is still the same. Traveling has made clear to me the saying "The more things change, the more thing stay the same". The environment changes, but the patient still needs you. If there are any questions, E me at PNS is in the DC and surounding area, Baltimore MD and now starting in PA.