Recent grad starting to do research for traveling....

  1. Can anyone point me in the direction of 2-3 good, reputable companies to look at?

    My goals are to work at a travel assignment within ~4-6 hours' drive from my home town during the school year and then take out of town travel assignments during the summer, bringing my family with me.

    I currently have 6 months experience on a floor that is primarily Peds Med/Surg with Adult Med/Surg overflow. I do not wish to travel until my children are a couple years older, but I would like to plan ahead and look at reputable companies with a long-standing history of good service to their RNs.
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  3. by   NurseguyFL
    Compared to others here, I haven't been a traveler for a long time. However, even during my short career as a travel nurse I've already learned that the industry is always changing. Travel companies come and travel companies go. A lot of them that used to be very popular a few years ago are no longer around, and there are quite a few newer, smaller ones springing up all over the place. My point is that in a few years when you are ready to start traveling, there's no guarantee that any of the 'reputable' ones recommended to you know will still be operating. Also important to remember that a few of them that may have once had a good reputation no longer do.