per diem???

  1. My recruiter is offering me per diem wages in place of a pay increase. The per diem offer would actually cut into my hourly rate at present, but would take a portion of my wages and make them non taxable.

    I feel a little hesitant about this setup. Anyone else ever dealt with this, and what do you think?
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  3. by   MaggieDRN
    all depends. What the per diem rate is,how much is non taxed and don't forget your year end tax write-offs. This is where you need to sit down with a calculator and start dividing number of hours woked a week or month,what your expenditures are related to your work(,food,lodging if applicable,uniforms,licensure,etc).Usually if a facility pays a per diem,no benefits are included,so they are yours to deduct.If the facility does pay any part of benefits just deduct what they don't pay. If you have a good CPA you can call him/her and they should be able to tell you how well you will fair in your particular state. Hope this was a little clearer than mud! Take care and good luck. MaggieDRN
  4. by   renerian
    I have not heard of that.....good luck and let us know what you decide.

  5. by   MedicineMan
    That is what I am in need of a good tax attorney or CPA
  6. by   kdm05
    IRS Publication 1542 explains the per diem system. I would be happy to detail it for you as our company applies it to travel nurses. Hope this helps.

    Kathy Taylor
    Bridge Staffing
  7. by   MedicineMan
    Thank you for the info, I still need a good tax person to watch out for my simple minded self. I know what the laws are, but don't want the hassle. I need a numbercruncher who likes their work.