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  1. SO, I wanna go back to my travel life. I'll just keep it short and sweet. Been an RN for 16 years. 10 years ER, 2 OR and 10 ICU. I worked ER/ICU often times concurrently so that's how the exp. works out. My 2 years of OR was 13 years ago, about 2 years at level 1 trauma, was on vasc/trauma team although did variety of cases. I've gone back to OR and will have been at current location for a year in Nov. Level 1 trauma on gyn team but work an odd shift so I do any and every late case, always off service. I've done a ton of travel (last 5 years) everything from strikes to EMR conversions so I am used to rocking up and working without much orientation. I want to know if OR nurses think my recent year of exp is enough to hit the road?? If I stay and get another 6 months making 18 mos total, recent...is it going to really make that much difference?? We are screaming busy and where I am houses 42 OR suites. I've been told if I can manage here, I can make it anywhere. I recognize that I will probably fair batter at a teaching facility. Thoughts???...Thanks in advance!!
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  3. by   ORoxyO
    We've had many travellers with a year or so exp. Some do great, some struggle. I would guess with your background you'd be just fine. Everyone is short staffed in my area so I'm sure they'd snatch you up.
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    Hello dchicurn,

    I'm not a nurse, but actually a recruiter. Your extensive experience as a nurse and a traveler is going to make it easier for facilities to take a chance on you with your recent 1 year of experience in the OR. It's not going to make a big difference between 1 year and 18 months the next threshold would be jumping from 1 to 2 years of experience. If the currently facility you're working at has you Circulating and Scrubing that's going to help your case the more time you're able to be in there. If you do plan to stay perm for another 6-12 months I would see if they would train you in the CVOR if that is something you'd be interested in for more marketability.