Ok, SO I feel a little guilty...

  1. Though I don't think I should.

    I have been working with 2 companies in hopes of getting a nice contract. One, after I submitted everything tells me they don't staff any of the areas I want to go to..:angryfire The other makes a few inquiries since there was nothing at the time. I agree to be submitted to a hospital in my second choice area, which I am fine with. However, then a few days later, I find that there are 6 openings at the hospital I want to go to- with yet a different company. The pay is good, and the recruiter has actually been very responsive- calling me to keep me updated and letting me know I was submitted immediately for the position I wanted. Now, I am waiting for the call back.

    Yesterday Company 2 calls and tells me they do have positions at the hospital, but they are unsure if I would qualify...except that I am already submitted
    So, I call back and leave a message explaining that I had already been submitted to the hospital through another company- and that I would still be very interested in the other contract if this doesn't work out...

    I'm feeling a twinge of guilt here, but I am thinking that I didn't do anything particularly wrong. Did I???
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  3. by   suzanne4
    Unless, you had accepted the position then went hunting, you did absolutely nothign wrong. Actually the agencies should tell you up front if they have hospitals that are located where you wish to work. Before you begin all of the paperwork.