Nurses in Patnership, Inc?

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    Has anyone worked for Nurses in Patnership out of CA?? (or do you know anything about this company) Any info. is greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   carebearRN
    Hi there! i was a traveller w/ NIP for my 1st travel assignment in Palm beach Gardens, FL and i have all good things to say about the company. My recruiter was great and still keeps in contact with me. The pay was good in my opinion and the housing was excellent- in a ritzy area, safe, across the street from a new shopping/dining complex, and 5 minutes away from the hospital I worked at. The hospital was ok but the workers on my floor were very "traveller friendly" which is most important to me. my paychecks were always accurate and on time and i have never had a problem with this company! If you have any questions, feel free to ask!
  4. by   Lee75
    Thanks so much for the info. One other question, Did they provide you with pots/pans, linens, ect?? The recruiter that I was talking to said that these things were not provided. All of the companies that i have worked for in the past provided me with these things. However, I am on assignment now with a company that didn't provide these things. It's so much nicer to not have to pack your car with all of these things. (dishes, shower curtain,towels,vacuum, ect)
    thanks again.
  5. by   carebearRN
    Hi! Unfortunately NIP doess not provide housewares, but there is a package where u can pay around $150/month and "rent" the the housewares. Living basically on my own I just bought what i thought I needed and it seemed to be a lot cheaper that way. I am looking too for a company that supplies all the housewares- it will make it a lot easier. Hope this helps!

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