Non-trauma ER travel positions?

  1. I work in an ER, but it is non-trauma. I want to try out a travel assignment, but I'm afraid my options for ER will be quite limited if I don't have trauma experience.

    anybody here taken an ER travel assignment in a non-trauma hospital? is it difficult to find?
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  3. by   JJNurse29
    I worked in a non trauma ER before I began traveling and I haven't had any difficulty getting assignments. Some facilities do require level 1 trauma experience which you wouldn't be eligible for but many just require TNCC. It is expensive but getting your CEN certification is a selling point in interviews as well.
  4. by   yourmomisanurse
    Thanks for the reply. Are you saying you take assignments in at trauma centers or that it isn't difficult for you to find assignments in non-trauma? I don't think I should take a trauma assignment and any hospital that would hire me for that is just asking to put me/them/the pt's in a potentially bad situation since I have no real experience with it. Even though I do have my TNCC.
  5. by   JJNurse29
    I don't take assignments in trauma centers. Some facilities I have worked at see a fair share of traumas but usually when one comes in everybody is in there to help you with the care and the transfer process. So to answer your original question, I have not had any difficulty getting assignments in non trauma ERs.
  6. by   yourmomisanurse
    Nice. Thanks for the clarification. I thought I had narrowed my search down and found the company I wanted to go with for my first assignment (Fastaff), but the recruiter I talked to made it sound like it would be too difficult. Glad to know there is a chance. Time to look at other companies again I guess.
  7. by   JJNurse29
    I had the same issue when I started. It took me awhile to find a recruiter that would listen to what I wanted and put some work into finding me a contract. To this day, I still think dealing with recruiters is the worst part of travel nursing. Once you get a contract under your belt and get some travel experience, you will find they put a lot more effort into you. Good luck in your search. The contracts are definitely out there.
  8. by   Travel_RNER
    I am a traveling ER RN without trauma experience, TNCC, or CEN. I haven't had one problem getting an assignment. I just had to make it clear to my recruiter what I wanted. No trauma centers (which generally want you to have TNCC and/or experience anyway). I definitely think the jobs are out there and that ER assignments are in the top ranks for needs. Good luck.
  9. by   yourmomisanurse
    Thanks for the replies. Any particular travel companies you would recommend since the one I had decided on turned out to be not as helpful as I thought they'd be?
  10. by   JJNurse29
    I hesitate to answer this. I have already been accused of being a recruiter a couple months ago when I weighed in on a fair salary question. What exactly are you looking for in traveling? Are you wanting the most money possible, best benefits, specific location, etc? I would suggest you sit down and figure out what is most important to you and what you are willing to compromise on then talk to several companies to see which best fits your needs. You will hear good and bad things about every company. As far as the recruiters, I have yet to meet one I couldn't live without. Shop around til you find one that will get you a contract you are happy with. The things that are important to me or anyone else that may respond to this may be different than what is important to you so it would be tough for anyone to recommend a specific recruiter or company unless they are just wanting a referral bonus.
  11. by   OldnurseRN
    I laugh at your comment about being accused of being a recruiter, lol. I've also been accused of the same thing. Seems that is a standard reply from some people who have a disagreeing opinion on your gency.