NICU in California? Good hospitals?

  1. Hey Everyone,
    I want to travel as a NICU nurse in about a year from now and I was seeing what you think are good hospitals in California to work at? I work in a Level 3 NICU in Cleveland Ohio right now, its a teaching hospital and i have learned alot! Let me know.
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  3. by   msgirl68
    Saint John's Santa Monica is great!!

    Valley Presbyterian, Van Nuys is a gossip and slander haven. Avoid it!
  4. by   msgirl68
    Best NICU in Los Angeles is Saint John's, Santa Monica. Very nice unit, nice people there.

    If you don't mind gossip and slander or admitting a sick baby by yourself, then Valley Pres. Van Nuys
    is the place to be.

    Another good unit is Centinella Hospital. Don't let the address put you off.