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  1. Hi, I'm interested in traveling after a year and half of experience on a MedSurg/Gyn Onc floor. I was wondering what qualities should I look for in a recruiter and what companies hire Nurses with less than two years of experience. I'm single, no children but two pets so I'd prefer a company that is pet friendly.

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  3. by   NedRN
    The only way to answer that question is to start calling agencies. You will quickly discover the qualities in a recruiter you like, and about your pets.
  4. by   yukka99
    Great question! I am in the same boat, just over a year experience and its just me and a couple of dogs. I am signed up with 3 agencies that I was referred to by friends. All 3 are telling me not to be picky on my first assignment, after that I should have more choices. Still very anxious and gathering information. Planning on starting my first assignment in June
  5. by   PMKNSE
    Medical Solutions advertises that they are pet friendly.
  6. by   apr08
    Nurses choice is good!! I can refer. They also pay well!!! If you interested let me know . I will give you my twitter name. Cause i d k if we can private message on here.