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  1. Does anyone know of travel co that will place RNs in the wilmington,NC area I signed up with on assisngment recruiter say she post me nothing yet, Every time I call her no answer it's amazing how she worried me to get me signed up, references and all the other info needed. I feel she left me hanging at this point.She did post me 4 new bern ,but it is such a distance away 2hr drive. I will go down to NC next wk on my own ,but I know the pay sucks so I wanted agency if anyone can help i would greatly appreciated it.
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  3. by   IdahoNurse
    My agency, Trinity Healthcare Staffing Group is based out of South Carolina, and has several jobs in North Carolina. You might also try Cirrus Medical Stafing, they are located in Charlotte, NC. .

    Try a Google search for these companies.
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  4. by   zaffi
    Hello,I am new here and would like to post,looking for a short (only 4-8 week maximum)Winter 2007 assignment near a ski area,
    anybody with experience?
    any help would be appreciated
    Thanks Zaffi
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  5. by   bah77569
    If you are looking for a good agency Medical Solutions is a excellent traveling nurse agency, i have had some friends go through them for assignments and love their loyalty and dedication they have. I hope to go through them when i am done with nursing school too. Hope this helps!
  6. by   twinRN04
    I tried to work at new hanover in wilmington b/c my sister works there. I started out with trinity healthcare and she was great and all, but they don't have a contract with any of the wilmington hospitals. The recruiter kept telling me about hositals in the surrounding areas. Then I went with Medical Express, and my recruiter is great, but the hospital says that they don't take traveler's without traveler experience and that would have been my first assignment. New Hanover has a serious need for nurses on night shift, so keep looking!