need some input from vets and newbies

  1. Hi everyone-
    I have tried to post this at various other sites, including traveling nurses on delphi forum, but have not seen it. My husband and I love to travel, have a motor home and I think full-timing would be great.
    Here's my question: I have been in nursing for 31 years, all in psych, and the last 10 years or so all administrative. This includes director of outpatient clinic and on the oversight side of the clinic. I am obviously very well versed in regs for New York state, medicaid compliance, development and implementation of new programs, have done oversight of substance abuse prevention program, can help write grants or do them independently and obviously, I am great with details. Is it likely that I can find travel work? I don't expect admin work but will that be seen as a hinderance as opposed to a strength?
    Does anyone know of any place else I should be looking at for some comments? I have gone to the delphi forums as well and have put in a google search for travel nursing? Should I just bite the bullet and put a resume out there to a few of the agencies?
    Thank you for any help you can offer. I have found this site to be so educational and I would be in my RV tomorrow if I could!!
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  3. by   rncopper
    Since I do not do psych, I am not sure of the availability of jobs for that speciality. But I have seen psych positions posted on Delphi.

    On the question about your experience........IMO I would think that you would need more recent "floor" experience. Unless the travel job was for an administrative position (but don't think there is such jobs, but who knows?).

    Go back to Delphi and check out the psych positions, give that company a call, and see what they say. By the way, once you decide to travel, REALLY CHECK OUT YOUR COMPANY! There are many out there that are not good, some are better, and some are very good. Your recruiter can make or break your assignment!

    Good Luck!
  4. by   bagladyrn
    I do occasionally see positions like shift supervisor on delphi, but only a few. Agree with the above - try to get back on the floor for some shifts while exploring travel options.
  5. by   51Elizabeth
    Unfortunately, that won't happen. My current position has some administrative oversight of the inpatient unit. And I can only earn so much money per year so it is not feasible to go elsewhere.
    Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my message.