Need some advice on Australia

  1. I am wanting to travel to Australia to work and I am not sure where to begin. I know I need a hospital to sponsor my work visa--I heard that somewhere--but does anyone have any recommendations or a company to get me started. I want to go in August or September next year......thanks! Rhonda
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  3. by   Mirth
    Well, I do hope someone has some information. The only way I could get to Australia would be to work there.
  4. by   rnerin
    Look in the advertising section of the AACN magazine. There is an Australian hospital which is looking for RNs-maybe you can start there. Good luck!!
  5. by   F Carre
    Hi Rhonda,

    You may be able to look into permanent skilled migration options, depending on your qualifications and experience. First step would be check eligibility for a positive skills assessment from ANMC.

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  6. by   boringscreenname
    As an avid scuba diver and one who is determined to learn surfing, I would love to travel to Australia. The company that I would travel with is PHP. I e-mailed for info and received everything from liquor laws to banking hours to what kind of wildlife poses danger. Also, PHP sent me the pay scale for RN work in Australia, as well as really good advice as far as specialties that are in high demand. I can find the recruiter's name and post that later. Right now, gotta go check on a kid!

  7. by   MaleRNstudent21