need hospital near public transport

  1. I'm looking for my first travel assignment, but I have been working out of the country, and have no car (and no desire to get one). Does anyone have any recommendations about hospitals that are good to work for (ICU) and close enough to shopping/housing/etc not to need a car. I have read on this site about OA providing rental car reimbursement, so something like that is possible. But honestly, I think I'd rather just live close enough to get around by foot or public transport. Does anyone have any advice?
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  3. by   jklp's mom
    medical express, travel company, call jackie nelson 1-800-215-6232. she can get you a job in boston, with housing at charles river park apartments. they are very close to mass. general, about 2 blocks. or you can catch a shuttle from mass gen. to brigham and women's, deaconess , or childrens. lots of hospital in boston. it's a fabulous city. apartments also so close to subway station and you can get anywhere from there. call jackie she's the greatest and will do all to help you. and you can trust anything she says. any questions let me know.
  4. by   bagladyrn
    I know of travelers who don't drive who have had really good luck with assignments in Seattle using public transportation and walking to various places (apparently their company got them a good central location to live).
  5. by   love2babbe
    Thanks to you both! I will do more research on both ideas. My sister lives near Seattle, so will ask her advice there.