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I am getting ready to start/ accept an assignment in the Los Angeles area, around Calabasas and looking for housing...Does anyone have any suggestions or tips? Also if there are any other travelers... Read More

  1. by   annmarie.milberg
    I rent rooms in my house in West Hills (which is very close to Calabasas). Quiet upscale neighborhood. Currently have another travel nurse staying with me and I will have a room coming available in a week. Rent is $1,000 a month, includes use of the rest of the house, wi-fi and laundry. Walking distance to West Hills Medical Center.
  2. by   Bluebolt
    I used craigslist to find my current place in Long Beach, California (next to LA) and had a great experience. Simply use wisdom, as some previous posters have mentioned that any licensed professional nurse should have the basic wisdom needed to use craigslist safely.

    I found a really nice three level townhouse (probably $700,000 home) that I rent an entire floor of for $1,100 and it has free street parking. The married couple here are really nice and we've become friends, they cook for me, drop me off at the airport, etc. I work 4 miles down the road so I dodge a lot of the terrible LA area traffic. The beach is a few minutes away, I can be in downtown LA in 30 minutes (at the right time of day), it's great.

    My point being, don't be afraid of craigslist. If you use proper wisdom you will have great success, not just with using online sites but with life in general.
  3. by   Kprater815
    Hi I'm Kenyetta. I'm currently here on an assignment as well. Are u still in LA